A different view of Florence, Italy.

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  1. In 2014 I asked my wife to marry me in that little garden, right where those two people are sitting.. Happy memories. A few months later we were married in Palazo Vecchio – the tall tower you can see in the middle of the photo.

    1. I was in Florence for the first time on the 26th of July in 2014 and there was a wedding going on at Palazzo Vecchio. Was it yours by any chance?

      1. Not us I’m sorry – we were married in October. Was a fantastic day! The town hall (Palazzo Vecchio) tends to do three or four weddings a day – but it is a great rooms to get married in.

    1. From Piazzale Michelangelo you go up walking a couple hundred meters and there you are. If you cross the street you can go see the beautiful San Miniato.

      1. Thanks! extremely weird. I remember taking the bus from downtown up to miniato church first (A tip I got from Rick Steves book) so I can later walk down to the Piazzale. But I don’t remember coming across this green area on the way down. Was there another route I could have taken? From the map you sent, it seems like the only route possible and I should have come across this small garden…hmmmm

      2. Awww man this was a 10 minute walk from the hotel I stayed in and I didn’t even know it was there. That’s too bad, guess I’ll just have to go back.

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