Advice for protecting my belongings?

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Apart from travel insurance that I’ll have, I’d appreciate any thoughts on how I could better protect my expensive things while in new zealand. I’ll have a car the whole time (but do worry about it being broken into while I’m not around?) but apart from that will be staying at everything from hotels to dorm rooms in hostels.

Will have a new laptop as well as a bunch of expensive camera gear. I would be absolutely devastated if anything happened to my stuff, but unlike my previous travels I will attempt to be “living” in cities a little more, which means relaxing and just hanging out places and I really know I can’t bring everything with my every single day (plus going out at night, meeting up with friends, etc. etc.)

Is just keeping the stuff in the trunk of my car when I’m not around the best option? Anything else I can do? I think at least some of the hostels will probably have lockers/luggage storage which I might use but I don’t even know if those are a better option or just a false sense of security…

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  1. NZ is pretty safe, if your cars locked and your valuables aren’t on display you’ll be fine. Hotels are all good, theres no reason to be worried leaving your stuff there. I don’t know too much about the hostels but the few I’ve been to all have lockers and seem to be fairly safe.

  2. Expensive camera gear is, as you mentioned, best to insure. Tens of thousands in frames and lenses is a juicy target, and insurance isn’t too bad for this sort of stuff actually. Some travel insurances have limited coverage, so you could pick one that covers this type of thing.

    NZ isn’t exactly a dangerous place, just follow usual sense, dont let ppl see you have stuff, don’t let ppl know where you are leaving it, and don’t leave anything visible in a car (backpack, bag, cords, etc.) that would indicate there is something to steal, park in lit areas, etc.

    Best way is to just keep the stuff on you, or locked in a locker at the hostel… but a masterlock can be picked with a hairpin and 30 seconds (its super easy, I learned how to do it in like 15 minutes when I was bored one day), so if people see you filling it with expensive stuff, its a potential target.

    Personally, I just bring as little as possible to hostels and travel in general, then I dont have stuff to look after… if I bring expensive stuff, I keep it with me at all times.

  3. > Is just keeping the stuff in the trunk of my car when I’m not around the best option?

    Probably not a good idea even in safer places. Some people may argue that it’s fine, but I personally wouldn’t risk leaving stuff like in a car, especially overnight.

    > I think at least some of the hostels will probably have lockers

    This is what you want. Lock up your stuff when you’re not using it. Bring both a padlock with a combination and a smaller one with a key (different hostel lockers take different sizes) and it should be fine.

    In general you are probably worrying too much as NZ is a very safe place.

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