Being in Venice (Italy) is like walking around an oil painting 24/7 (You’ll get lost along the way but sometimes that means you’ll find peace…)

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  1. Surprisingly this is mid-afternoon! Haha we stayed in a quieter area and just had a wander around and manages to snap this photo in a quiet area but also still equally beautiful! (Probably more beautiful because it was actually quiet and low-key!)

    1. Actually, is this up near the Jewish Ghetto area? We stayed nearby in the Cannareggio last month and there were still some quiet areas there. The area away from the waterfront between Arsenale and San Marco is also surprisingly quiet despite its proximity to all the tourist spots!

      1. No idea where the Jewish ghetto area is but I just had a quick look and I don’t believe it is. It’s nearby cannareggio as that’s where our Airbnb was and I believe we came across it when heading towards the busier area.

  2. I just got back from Venice, and all I saw was tourist… And maybe a few spot as quiet like this, if you looked really hard.

    I had a great time, hope you did too.

    1. Thanks! I definitely had a good time thanks (we only stayed one night as it was very end of our trip). Everybody had some negative things to say about it when giving advice on Venice (I.E. it smells. It’s too touristy. Etc.) and yes there are insanely busy areas but I found most of he harsh criticisms weren’t necessarily true (I didn’t smell any bad smells or have any issues finding quiet spots).

      Highly recommend people get a cocktail at this bar called Il Reno d’Oro.

      It’s busier at night as there are two highly rated restaurants a few spaces down (do not eat at a place called dianes! It was atrocious and we should’ve known better but we were starving and it was our last night) but during the day/evening it’s actually fairly quiet compared to the other areas (and we had probably our best pizza of the trip in a tiny shop right nearby as well). We got coffee at a place called the Dodo Cafe and that whole area was really quiet and seemed to be filled with locals.

      I didn’t find it hard to find quiet areas (cannareggio area seemed to be fairly quiet) but obviously all the stuff you want to see as a tourist in Venice is heaving with people. Would totally recommend people stay in the cannareggio area and venture out to the busier areas little bits at a time because you just get overwhelmed, exhausted, and cranky. It’s nice to have some peaceful spots in between to just get a chance to breathe. I found the grand canal beautiful architecturally but I hated every minute of the crowds. I’m surprised people had so much trouble finding quiet areas as we found quite a few! We might’ve just gotten lucky I guess but we also got lost quite a bit and ended up walking down random alleys that were dead ends but so serene and beautiful.

        1. If we had stayed longer than one night we probably would’ve bought the boat pass (I think it was only something like 20 EURO for the day. We literally had the majority of day one and then we put our bags in a bag bnb for the next day as we were flying out around 9pm so had a good chunk of day two to catch whatever we missed but we just did it all on foot.

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