Can’t believe it took me 3 Paris trips to finally visit Sacre-Couer. Super views to boot.

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  1. Sacré-Coeur*, pardon my litteral French 😛 but yes the neighborhood is awesome. I visited 11 years ago and hope to go back eventually.

  2. Am expressing surprise at the 3 trip statement because it is definitely one of the places I should have visited on my 1st visit. The interiors are very different from most Parisian cathedrals, the views of the city are really nice and its geometry is fun to look at 🙂

      1. Stuffed myself with a 3 course lunch in a Montmarte restaurant before visiting. I’ve never strayed away from French food on my visits (as it is so difficult to find it in the UK) but is the pizza really that good? At the very end of my Paris trip, we had Vietnamese near Place d’Italie and it was reallly good (making us re-evaluate our food choices).

  3. This place was one of the highlight of Paris for me. There’s a few good sites around the cathedral with excellent views of the city from the top without the clusterfuck that is trying to go up the Eiffel Tower and the neighborhood around is great as well.

      1. Admire the view while keeping your belongings under close watch, also possible to sign petitions for “humanitarian” clauses, buy souvenirs from street vendors…

        1. Yea the number of pick pockets in this area is ridiculous! I even saw a team of people pulling the classic three cups and a ball scam.

      1. Good to know nothings changed in 15 years I guess? Next closest was Palais de Chaillot. Shake that grove things shake that eiffel tower ring yeah yeah!

    1. Parts of the 18th are still very rough but steadily gentrifying. I expect that within 10-20 years, the neighbourhoods around Barbès and La Chapelle will be completely bourgeois.

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