Chilling at a hostel in the mountains of Ecuador with their pet dog and llama. Stunning views

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    1. Good choice, Ecuador is amazing. This photo is from the LhuLhu Llama hostel in Isinlivi (on the Quilotoa loop).

      I really enjoyed Vilcabamba. There’s a spa hostel that caters to all budgets – there’s nice double rooms or dorms. It’s a really nice place – I think it’s called Izhcaluma.

      Cuenca was my favourite city in Ecuador.

      I stayed in Riobamba and climbed Chimborazo which was cool, it’s technically further from the earth’s core than Everest. Don’t think there’s much else in Riobamba though.

      The Quilotoa Lake is amazing so I recommend that as a day trip or part of the trek.

      Baños was great, lots of adventure sports dirt cheap. Went white water rafting into the Amazon for $30.

      Went to the Otavalo market north of Quito, that was pretty cool. Also went to Mindo which was really cool too, loads of hummingbirds.

      And of course of you can go to the Galapagos definitely do it, its incredible.

  1. If you cannot afford a trip to the Galapagos, Isla de la Plata is just off shore of a lovely little coastal town. It has a large number of the unique Galapagos plants and animals. Completely worth the bus ride.

    My favorite picture ever taken is from the sunrise at Mindo. Ecuador is such a beautiful country.

  2. Just from his stance, you can see that’s one healthy and happy doggo. What a place to live. Lucky boye.

  3. Llullu llama! What a fantastic hostel. I loved the whole quilotoa loop, but didn’t have time to really explore the rest of the country. I really want to go back sometime. Did you do any hiking elsewhere?

    1. I was actually a bit injured when we were here (minor knee strain – what happens when you try to be manly and carry both your and your girlfriend’s backpack around), so didn’t do much hiking. Spent a few days just chilling and enjoying happy hour with all the other guests, met some awesome people.

      Did climb up Chimborazo though which was fun. Had done a fair bit of hiking in Argentina Chile and Bolivia so wasn’t too fussed about going all out here.

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