Debating between visiting Prague and Vienna for the last leg of a 10 day trip. Advice and opinions welcome!

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Hey r/travel,

I’m going to Europe in October to see my near-and-dear Cleveland Browns play the Minnesota Vikings in London. I’ll be in London from Friday until Monday, but have until Friday to visit one other city in Europe. I’ve traveled pretty extensively in Europe, but have not been to either Prague or Vienna.

A little background: I’m a late twentysomething who will be traveling solo during the latter leg of the trip. My travels typically revolve around seeing the sights (museums, architecture, etc.), tasting the country’s food/wine/beer, and experiencing the city’s nightlife.

If you had to pick between Vienna or Prague, which would you choose?

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  1. Hey, I’ve been to Prague and Vienna and would 100% recommend Prague over Vienna to you. My experience was Vienna was a city that older people may prefer and there is so much to do in Prague for people of all ages. My favourite part of my travel to Vienna was visiting Bratislava for the day so take from that what you will!

    Czech and Austrian food are not a million miles apart, Czechia is more famous for beer and Austria for wine though

    1. Hey, they looked like an actual professional football team last week!

      Game is Sunday, so I figured I’d head out to my next destination on Monday. That leaves about 3-3.5 days in another city. Not ideal, but I’d rather do that than stay in London.

      1. I love Prague, but think Vienna is a 3 day city and Prague is a 4 day city. They are both great cities, can’t go wrong,

  2. How do you like your beer? Czech Lager or darker Vienna style?

    Honestly both cities are great, it’s going to be a coin toss between them. Vienna has the better museums due to the Habsburg’s hoarding relics, Prague has a bit more of an edgy vibe.

    1. Ya know it really depends on my mood, but if I had to pick I’d go Vienna-style.

      Yeah everything I read about Prague talks about the city’s edge/grit/etc., which makes it a little more intriguing. One thing that is tipping the scales towards Vienna is the cuisine (i.e. sausage, beer, wine). Does Prague compare in that regard?

      1. Probably not the best resource for that as I’m a wierd vego. I found the food in Vienna to be fancier but less interesting. Prague had much more interesting food for me, but ymmv.

        Also everything in Vienna is a LOT more expensive. If money is an issue at all, go Prague.

  3. I was in Prague for 6 days in October and I absolutely loved it. I have not been to Vienna so I can’t speak about it but I would definitely recommend Prague.

  4. Prague!!! By far, my most favorite European city. Have not visited Vienna, but I loved Prague with all my heart. I went there last year in October. Perfection.

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