Decided to walk around Osaka when we found out it was only a 15 min ride on the shinkansen from Kyoto

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  1. Check out Nara as well if you get a chance. It’s also really close by train to Osaka and Kyoto, and it’s got some great temples there. Oh and dear that bow to you.

    1. Osaka was the result of us sitting on the train contemplating what to do for the night after spending a day in Nara.

  2. Despite being Japan’s 2nd city, Osaka seems to be overshadowed by Tokyo and Kyoto in the tourist perspective. It’s a shame, because the food here is great!

  3. Save money and take the Hankyu line from Kyoto next time. Only costs about 970Y and you can stop in Arashiyama.

  4. Spectacular!

    Japan is on my next stop of travel destinations; hopefully next summer! I hope you are having a great trip!

    1. Thanks. It’s my 4th time in this wonderful country. May I suggest going to Japan in spring for the cherry blossom or late autumn for the autumn leaves. Makes the country extra beautiful.

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