Dyrehaven, just north of Copenhagen, is always worth a visit. Especially on a nice autumn evening.

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  1. There’s a huge population of white (maybe albino) deer in that area too! Really interesting and totally worth a walk through

  2. This must be a composite, everyone knows its been raining non stop for the past 4 months in Copenhagen.

  3. One of my favourite places to visit for some quiet when i lived in copenhagen. It lives up to its name with deer wondering everywhere

  4. Did you go to Bakken? When I was there I took a break from the rides and walked through the woods. Ended up seeing close to fifty deer. Was super cool.

  5. Late to the party but here is some interesting info:

    The hunting lodge you can see in the photo is called “Eremitageslottet” Eremitage means solitude in French, and it’s because the building sits there all alone. “Slottet” means the castle or palace.

    The area used to be the King’s private hunting grounds. They would have some guys on horseback and some dogs chase the biggest, nicest looking buck around the area until it was very tired. Then the King would approach it to slay it with the sword, to show his bravery.

    [Christian V](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_V_of_Denmark) died after a buck wounded him when he was about to kill it.

  6. Is that the place where there’s a ghost of a woman who was killed and then stuffed into the wall? My grandma went to Copenhagen and said the place she stayed at was haunted. Claimed she met the lady but didn’t realize she was a ghost.

  7. yup after i got dumped by my college girlfriend and first love, was on europe solo backpacking trip, road hostel bike from copenhagen to here, loved it, helped me heal. also got drunk with this danish barman, kim with a viking braid ponytail. underrated park

  8. Stealing that town name for future writing inspiration

    Edit: I’ve been made aware that it’s not a town, just a landmark, but the point still stands! Still a cool-ass name, and I wrote it down for future reference.

      1. Yeah, but as a creative writing major and an artist I’m always on the lookout for cool names and things like that. Even stuff with relatively mundane meanings can reveal a lot about a character in fiction. JK Rowling did this *all the time* in Harry Potter. Example: Remus Lupin, one of Harry’s mentors is revealed to be a werewolf at the end of the third book. However, people who have knowledge of classical history and Latin would’ve figured it out earlier because Remus was one of the brothers raised by a wolf that founded Rome and “Lupin” is derived from the Latin word for wolf, lupus.

  9. You’ve gotta admire the resilience of the Danes to build a house at the top of Denmark’s biggest mountain.

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