Finally got to see the surfers on the river in Munich. What a cool thing to have in a city.

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  1. They were out today? well its not 0 yet i suppose.

    FYI there are multiple places to find them around the city, not just the eisbach, in the summer it can be rather crowded at that one

      1. Yea, there is the Eisbach where you were at and where most ppl check out, but there is also Floßlände (smallest of them all), and if the water is right (high) Wittelsbacherbrücke for highly skilled surfers.

        1. Very cool. I’d be happy if my city had a single one. Y’all are lucky to have so many, and a beautiful city and country as well!

          1. Sadly wasted on me since I can barely manage to boogie board in the ocean hah… though I can wakeboard, maybe similar idk… in any case I’m actually an American living here for the last few years… I agree its a great city to live in…. though a bit gloomy in the long winter.

          2. Even if I could stand up on a surfboard, it’d be a while before I mustered up the courage to try Eisbach. Even standing on the shore you can see how strong that current is. Oh well..that’s what happens when you grow up in the Midwest states.

          3. It is not recommended for beginners, there are concrete blocks or whatever underneath, you have to fall correctly or seriously hurt or kill yourself, you probably saw the signs =D i think two people drowned in the eisbach this year, though not from surfing

      2. Hopefully you weren’t one of the Americans segwaying around yesterday. I found that as funny as I found the same surfers entertaining. Everyone’s in Munich for Oktoberfest this year jeez.

      1. Can’t say I have… Calgary though, I swear that must be cold surfing even in the summer (as it is here to be fair).

  2. Can somebody explain me how does it work? Is this just a river stream or there is some kind of mechanism involved to create the waves.

    1. From what I saw, it’s just a strong current + an angled slab of concrete that creates the wave from it. Also just saw this on the Eisbach Wave’s wiki page: “The local surfers have forced the wave to break more cleanly, with increased height, by attaching ropes to the bridge which trail submerged planks, creating two large “U”-shapes. Such a shape makes the wave easier to surf for river surfers (playboating makes fewer demands of the wave shape).”

        1. I’ve been told that it was started by American soldiers during the cold war… but maybe thats just a story from the guides or something.

  3. Saw it last summer.

    Impressive. Especially as the water is still pretty damn cold, even in the summer. Saw other people swimming further down the river.

    Would have joined in if I had my swimming trunks with me.

    1. Jumping into the eisbach and drifting is one of the best things to do during the summer. I would do it pretty much every night since I had no AC and it was so damn humid

  4. By chance see the naked wheelchair lady? She screamed as us when we accidentally got in her view, turned and noticed she was wearing a scarf… as a dress. Apparently, she’s out there quite a bit

  5. WHAT? I have seen this river but had never heard of the surfers. Just googled it and it seems a huge local legend went over my head. oops…

    1. I actually heard about that before visiting but somehow avoided it! I kinda wanted to see it out of a weird sense of curiosity though. Next time. :p

  6. There’s the same kind of perpetual wave in Montreal. It created a whole surfer and kayak movement far away from the ocean

  7. I saw them a few years ago. I thought it was so funny because even though they were surfers they were so thoroughly German: they waited carefully for the next guy to finish his run then very orderly got out of the way. Never did I see more than one guy surf at a time. Very controlled. Very orderly. Very German.

    1. Aside from the guy below mentioning germany… the Eisbach is pretty dangerous considering whats under the water, if you jump in quick and fuck someone else up, you may be indirectly smashing their head against a concrete barrier under the water.

  8. This is such a great shot and angle! I got to see them this May during a university course and yes, they are very considerate of each other and it’s quite refreshing.

    1. It’s in the southeastern park of the English Garden. Just follow the river in that area and you should be able to spot them. 🙂

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