Grand Canyon National Park. I camped and hiked around the South Rim for a week. This right here is 2 billion years of sculpting by tectonics, wind, water, and the Sun.

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  1. Wow that is a great picture! I’ve done a fair bit of traveling but that Grand Canyon truly is something else. It went straight back onto the bucket list, I’d really like to do one of those mule/horse tours down into it.

    1. Thanks! I’ll post more, this isn’t even the best one I got.

      I agree, it is on another level from anything else I’ve ever seen. It will be something I visit again many more times.

    1. I grew up backpacking in the canyon. Just be sure to get a permit in advance if your going to be there multiple days (day hikes are fine without a permit). My absolute favorite is Havasupai Falls – extremely beautiful, only about 9 miles in and again back out. It’s technically on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Only need a good pack, food, tent, foam pad to lay on, maybe some swimming attire. I Moved to Ohio about 10 years ago and miss the canyon a lot

      Edit: also helps to have iodine tabs plus a filter for refilling your water bottles

      1. Hey thanks for the response. I’ve seen pics of the havasupai falls! Looks gorgeous. 9 miles sounds pretty easy. Do you know if they allow hammocks in there? Or any place to put it up? I like to “camp” using a hammock. It’s netted and you can put a tarp on. Sleeping bag + hammock = heaven. Have only done it once and it was amazing.

        I lived in USA for a while not there anymore. But would love to go back. Maybe camp at the canyons and also Utah. Zion was gorgeous.

        1. Not OP but I’ve been to Havasupai several times. The campgrounds along the river itself do have some places to hang a hammock but finding a suitable position for it where you’ll run into an issue. Suitable trees to hang from are not as abundant as you’d like so you’d have to scout for a spot that isn’t already taken. I would bring one but have a bedroll/pad as backup just in case.

          As for getting down there, the hike itself is fairly easy. My first two times were in the Boy Scouts at ages 14 and 16 with our own full pack with our own gear. The hike is almost entirely flat save for the bit as you enter/exit the canyon and the bit as you hike between the Native American village at Havasupai and the campgrounds themselves which are about 1.5 miles apart I believe.

  2. Great picture! I was there a few weeks ago, I got some really good pictures, but when I look at them now, there’s just no way they can compare to seeing it firsthand. Amazing place.

  3. Nothing anyone ever told me about this place prepared me for the first time I saw it. It’s just awesome. I’m going again next month and can’t wait. Thanks for the photo!

    1. agreed. It’s very humbling to look out at the Canyon and reflect on how many forces and how much time went into its formation.

      1. I was actually making a snide anti-religion comment…but yeah, the Grand Canyon is pretty amazing. I just spent a week in Southern Utah/Northern Arizona doing Zion/Bryce and the Wave and it was one of my favorite landscapes I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

        1. I’m not anti/pro religion, so right over my head. Just a humble and happy hobbit grateful to be exploring this beautiful world.

          I lived in Utah for a year as a web developer, saw Moab 2x and Zion/Bryce earlier this year. I want to go back in 2018 to see a few things again and some others I skipped.

          1. I’m not 100% against it from the perspective of Kurt Vonnegut…that it makes people happy, so what’s the harm?

            But it cracks me up that there are plenty of people who would go to the Grand Canyon and be like, “Nope, not built over billions of years…God made that 10,000 years ago with God magic.”

            And some of these people are doctors and lawyers and politicians and shit.

  4. I was there a few months ago and what a sight to see! I took a bunch of pictures too but definitely worth seeing in person.

    1. i wanna go back when it’s snowing and basically empty. I’m sure that is a special time to see it

      1. It is! I went during winter several years ago with family and everything was slightly dusted in white snow.

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