Hongdae Street, Seoul in the rain [OC]

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      1. Yeah, I had to move back to the states for a bit for family and job reasons. I have been back a few times since and will be back in the spring, but my wife’s work now takes us to Europe.

        1. Pretty cool if you ask me (Europe bit). I missed Seoul when I left it in 2014. Now, I think I’d be okay going home but am still very happy here.

          1. It is pretty cool especially since I haven’t been around Europe too much. Except my job keeps me from staying there for too long.

            I miss Seoul often but my wife is Korean so we will be there at some point =)

  1. I lived in Busan for a year before moving to Seoul, and I thought I wouldn’t really like the city.

    I was absolutely wrong. Seoul is incomparable.

    1. If I may ask, what was special about Seoul? I am thinking of heading that way next year. I’ve already got an idea of what’s expecting me but if you got like a few minutes I’d be interested in reading what you got to say.

      1. Lived in Seoul for 5 years. It is a pretty awesome city.

        First it is absolutely massive in both size and population. So there are always more neighborhoods to explore and people to meet.

        Second, the subway is very well organized and easy to use, much easier compared to the mess that is Tokyo’s metro.

        Third, its easy to get out of the city. Take a train or bus somewhere. Or just do some hiking on the outskirts of the city. There is also an extensive network of bike paths along the rivers.

        Fourth, the food and now beer. When I first moved there the saying was that the best beer in the peninsula was north of the DMZ. That is no longer the case. The craft beer scene blew up and its easy to get good beer these days. The food is also really good. Combine this with how cheap it is to eat out.

        I could go on some more but one of the downsides is the air quality. Its almost as bad as China on some days.

          1. That’s the common go to excuse but a recent study showed most did not come from china but from domestic factories. In addition, a lot of the blame of particulates are a natural phenomenon from the Gobi desert so blaming china for the “yellow sand” is misleading. Make no mistake, we would have cleaner skies if it wasn’t for china, but a lot of the blame needs to be internal.

  2. I traveled to Seoul last year, can’t get it out of my head and want to spend more time there while I’m young and can do it (no kids, no family, bills, etc)

    I found out my country (Belgium) has working holiday visa agreement with South Korea. I wanna do it with a friend of mine but I don’t speak Korean. You guys think I can still find a job? Doesn’t matter which one, bar, restaurant, just something to get me buy for a few months maybe a year. I speak 4 languages if that helps.

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