I spent the day in a village called San Martin de Tispishca, right on the Amazon river in Peru

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  1. I spent 2 weeks volunteering in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in the Amazon Rainforest, and on the way back we spent the day in this village. San Martin de Tispishca is a rural village with a population of approx 500 people, to get to the village it takes about a day of travel by boat from Iquitos (northern Peru).

    The village has no internet access and no direct mail, however they do have one telephone line.

    This was easily the most beautiful place that I have ever been, and probably will ever be. I’m really hoping I can go back in the future!

    1. Any chance you could give us some more information on this volunteering opportunity!? How did you find out about it? What did you do to apply and what was your experience like?

      1. I went with an organisation called Operation Wallacea. They’re an environmental research organisation, we did biodiversity surveys such as mist netting (catching birds), dolphin counts, fishing and habitat samples to help research into the biodiversity and sustainability of the Amazon rainforest and Amazon river.

        I found out about the opportunity through my university, I am a geography student with an interest in conservation and environments.

        I applied on their website, it was easily the most incredible 2 weeks of my life! I would do it all over about in a heartbeat, really wish I’d gone for 4 weeks. Feel free to message me with any other questions 🙂

        1. Do you have to be a university student in a related major or can anyone volunteer? I finished college a few years ago with a business law degree but am interested in things like this. Wondering if someone like me even has a chance?

  2. It must be a special place! It looks so peaceful and relaxing… How did you get there? Which is the best way to get to this village?

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