I was told I should take a boat tour in Budapest, and even though it’s pretty tourist-y… I’m so glad I did. Great views (even better at sunset). Highly recommend it!

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  1. I tried to do a dinner version of this in January but it got cancelled because of ice in the river. That was a shame.

        1. Shame you didn’t go. My ex was a waitress there and the scenery in the evening was awe-some and the food was pretty delicious too.

  2. Try a rivercruise, I happen to be a captain there.
    We sail around basically everywhere! Just unpack once, have coaches ready to drop you off at any highlight, restaurant and entertainment onboard. It’s great!

  3. Their parliament building is literally the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen. I’ve never found a photo that does it justice.

    1. I’m going to be there early next month, maybe it will cool off by then. I see headphones, was the tour also “informational”? Might check this out. Cost?

      1. Obviously…The rainy autumn weather is already here, October will likely be around 50 to low 60Fs. Or it can surprise us totally and turn around to be sunny at 70+. But that’s less likely.

      2. I believe it was around 10 euro. Also came with a complimentary glass of wine or beer. Yes, you could choose from multiple languages and it was a nice introduction to the city and it’s history since this was my first night.

  4. The boat party is nice too. It’s very similar except it’s at night so everything is lit up and everyone is drinking. Fun time!

  5. I’ve found that boat tours in almost any city are incredibly touristy, but for a good reason. Some of the best views of most cities are from rivers and harbors. The Duck Tours that are in several US cities are hokey as all get out, but typically very informative and great for taking pics from the water.

    1. i always do boat tours and bike tours..bike tours really get you around to the top sites that you can choose to visit later on in your stay

  6. My rule of thumb as a traveler, always do things like boat tours and certain museum tours. They are usually worth it. It’s the glitzy, in your face stuff you want to avoid. People judge tourists who do activities that avoid the culture, not activities that focus on it.

  7. Which boat tour was it (location or website)? I was looking for one yesterday, we’re planning our travel for next month.

    1. There are also public transportation boats (even multiple lines), if you get the day pass for public transport anyway you can use them for free, though they run somewhat infrequently.

      1. From what my friend told me, it’s better to go upstream. It the downstream direction the boats have to turn around before docking at each stop.

        Public transit in Budapest kicks ass!

      2. Yes! It’s one of the best deals in Budapest, unlimited hop on/off included with public transit pass. They even sell cheap beer on board.

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