It worths getting up at 4 when visiting Angkor

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        1. Been doing 1-2 trips to se-asia a year for the pass 5 years, best thing I started doing was getting up early doing stuff till 1-2 in the afternoon, than returning to the hotel for a afternoon nap/swim/whisky n coke… than heading back out to enjoy the night life

    1. It was surprisingly empty at sunrise(low to.medium crowd), that said it was raining(lightly)… I have feeling crowds are heavily related to Chinese holidays

        1. Haha fair enough… yeah I’m meant to return to se-asia over chinese new year for a wedding, flight costs are making me think it won’t happen

          1. Ah man that would be a shame. Keep an eye out, prices may drop for a while when they open new planes up.

      1. If this photo is recent then it’s because it’s currently (towards the end of) low season. Will start getting a lot busier October/November – March/April

  1. Nice shot! Sunrise at Angkor Wat is a highlight of S.E Asia despite the crowds. If you’re sticking around for a few days and seek a less crowded temple experience get out to Preah Khan first thing in the morning (doesn’t open till 7:30 am though, so you get a sleep in as a bonus…).

  2. I was there in mid July. Tons of tourists jockeying for good photo spots and lots of beggars there for sunrise. It wasn’t a holiday and it also rained quite a bit. Can’t imagine what high season would be like. Very cool place but the amount of people does have a large negative effect.

    1. It wasn’t overly busy till the afternoon, at what point I was exhausted n ready to head back to the hotel… kinder regretting not booking 2 days out there, but a day by the pool will still be good

    2. The complex as a whole a absolutely huge, it’s quite literally a city. Just go to one of the other temples and you could have literally the place to yourself. This is only an issue at the one main temple, where everybody goes. I visited in low rainy season as well and while the main temple was very busy there were very few people at the others. And remember, you are one of these people you are complaining about.

      1. Not complaining about people, simply preparing the OP for the reality that is never shown in the pics. Despite the hordes I’m glad we went.

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