Laguna 69 in Peru has some of the purest water that I’ve ever seen

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      1. Nahh I just went on my own account, although I did make use of an agency for the transport. I just walked in a slower pace because of the backpack and didn’t go back with the group. I slept at the start of the track the on night two, and woke up early to take the little van that goes to the start of the Santa Cruz, and hiked that one for a few days too.

        Great treks, just a shame that the peruvians let so many cows and donkeys roam the national park. There was shit everywhere, even in the smaller tributary rivers, and it was hard to not get sick.

        1. It would be so nice to do everything on our own, but it seems to end up being about the same price to just use an agency. Unfortunately, the agencies usually aren’t great lol.

          How’d you find the Santa Cruz trek? We’re planning on doing it in a week or two.

          1. Santa Cruz was quite nice. I enjoyed doing it back to back with Laguna 69. Yes, the tours are cheap, but this means the groups will be very large (15 or more people). For me, being in nature is about being on my own. Smaller cheap tours often don’t include many luxuries, like donkeys, porters and such.

            We rented all of our equipment in Huaraz. Quality and prices differ greatly, so beware. Feel free to pitch your tent at the rental place to look for leaks. Also bring some electrical tape to patch up any leaks you encounter on the road. We just bought loads of noodles, tuna, nuts and chocolate cake at the supermarket.

            The heaviest bit was making it over the 4750m pass with a full backpack. I’d been at this altitude before, but never with a full pack. Take it slow, and you’ll be fine 😉

        1. It was amazing! We were just there over the weekend. It was a bit cloudy, so this picture doesn’t actually capture the color of the lake. If you Google Laguna 69, you’ll see how blue it actually is.

          1. Oh this is for sure going on my list, I’ll do all the research necessary. Thank you so much for sharing!

          2. Ya I definitely recommend Huaraz! A bit less common, but the treks here are amazing. A lot of people go to the Colca Canyon in Arequipa, but I would skip that and come here personally.

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