Lake Bled isn’t all about the island – 10 mins drive away is the stunning Vintgar gorge

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  1. I recently visited Lake Bled, and upon recommendation took a bus to the Vintgar gorge. It’s a mile long gorge with amazing blue waters fed from glaciers with a boardwalk along it, ending in a massive waterfall. With how spectacular Lake Bled is, I was hesitant to spend an afternoon here, but it was definitely worth the journey!

    1. It was really beautiful, and WOW was it crowded. It was worth it though, I love seeing all the trout and the cairns stacked in the river; unfortunately I lost my SIM card from Slovenia in a restaurant(I was switching and uploading). I loved it there though, the campground in Bled was great. We also drove in on this crazy mountain pass from the Dolomite region in Italy, it was pretty amazing!

  2. I was here a few days ago and took a photo in almost exactly the same spot!

    For anyone else planning on visiting: go early. As early as you can. I’m guessing OP’s photo was 8-9 in the morning, because by 9:30-10am that path will be filled with people in fluorescent waterproof jackets!

    1. Or late! The bus dropped us off at 4pm and picked us up at 6, and there were only a few people still walking through at that point.

  3. This photo makes me miss Slovenia so much 🙁 I spent about a week there last year. Such a beautiful country! The water in this gorge was gorgeous, crystal clear blue.

      1. There is a lot to do around the Lake Bled area. There are a few companies that run excursions to the Julian Alps, the one I went on included white water rafting and canyoning. Lake Bohinj is about an hour drive away, definitely worth a look.

        Ljubljana is a great little city to stay at. Postojna cave and Predjama Castle are a fun day trip. There’s also Piran on the coast which I didn’t to visit sadly.

      2. At Lake Bled you can get a boat out to the lake island (it’s actually not that interesting), and you can walk up to the castle on a cliff over the lake. Nearby is Vintgar Gorge as pictured, and then there’s also the nearby Lake Bohinj. I’d also recommend Savica waterfall just beyond Lake Bohinj. You can also head north of Bled to Kranskja Gora and drive over the VRSIC mountain pass which is incredible, though don’t try this during winter. There’s a Russian Chapel which is nice (a memorial built by WW1 Russian POWs to their fallen comrades who died building the pass). At the end is the Soca Canyon which is also pretty spectacular, plus some other nice waterfalls in the area.

        You can head to central northern Slovenia as well, to visit the pretty little town of Kamnik, plus the exhibition village of Velika Planina and the incredible landscape of Longarska Dolina.

        I visited the town of Idrija to see the mercury mine, but I only went since it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and I’m attempting to visit all of them, so I wouldn’t hugely recommend it unless you’re interested in mining history! The underground tour was cool though.

        Ljubljana is interesting enough and worth of a full day, maybe two if you spend a bunch of time in the museums and galleries.

        Skocjan Caves are also world heritage listed and worth a visit – they’re in the south-west just across the border from Trieste in Italy.

        Then along the coastline you have Koper and Piran which are both nice coastal villages, very much like smaller and lesser-known versions of Dubrovnik. Well worth a look.

        We didn’t venture into the east of the country, but if you’re into being famous on Instagram the “heart-shaped road” is over that way (just google for it).

        I’d recommend renting a car as well, as it’s pretty cheap and much more convenient for getting around. We had a VW Golf GTI for two weeks which cost about 12 euros per day.

        It’s also surprisingly easy to travel around, as a lot of people speak pretty good English (and potentially German or Italian too depending on region), even the older folk.

        We loved Slovenia, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

        1. > I’d recommend renting a car as well, as it’s pretty cheap and much more convenient for getting around. We had a VW Golf GTI for two weeks which cost about 12 euros per day.

          That’s a screaming deal, damn.

  4. I biked there from Bled. It was a great ride and not long at all. Slovenia is truly a beautiful country.

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