Lake Brienz in Switzerland. No place has captured me more than Brienz.

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    1. Brienzer Rothorn, it’s the tallest mountain there and a tram goes to the top. I walked along the line (there is a hike and you go the tiniest bit off trail) and this is not even half way up.

    1. I’ve seen it many times and I would agree that it is completely mesmerizing. Whenever I was leaving Brienz, you just had to stare at the lake no matter what.

    1. My girlfriends family live there and I think I’ve already done a quarter of the major hikes in the few weeks I was there with her.
      Remember to bring rain proof clothing. It rains every other day almost and enjoy your trip, I know you will because it’s too beautiful of a place not to!

      1. Thanks for the heads up. I’m bringing hiking boots and my rain jacket for sure. Random question, any of these lakes (Thun, Brienz, Lucerne, or any smaller ones) good for doing some fishing?

        1. I know as a fact there are operators who will take you out on lake Thun and Brienz (Thunsee and Brienzersee). Perch and Trout mainly and from what I’ve seen they’re big on fly fishing and don’t enjoy trawling but obviously they do do it.

          I haven’t done it but I have seen stores, ads and people actually fishing and I talked to some people who do fish there.

          1. Oh, nice. I’ve done a little researching on fishing, but nothing serious. Did notice most people in pictures were fly fishing though. Thank you for the help!

          2. I could see them fly fishing in their boats while I was swimming, hiking or just walking past.

            I don’t think it’ll be too difficult to find a place to rent you everything for a decent price (still Swiss prices though) especially in Interlaken or Thun.

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