Left my camp at 3am and drove to catch sunrise at this iconic southwest spot. Like something straight out of Toy Story – Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona border

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  1. Fun fact it actually looks like that and much better in person. Take a dam vacation just to drive out there. Trust me it’s better than Vegas. (that shit hole….)

    Vegas is nice but too many hotels though.

    My favorite example of Vegas is when i went to see a show. I was presented with a color coded seating plan of a theater and when I asked of the prices, sales lady said,”Well where would you LIKE to sit?”

    When I said second to front row, she said the price (too much) and I said fuck that. She then said,”what do you want to pay?”

    I said probably 30% of what she quoted and she said that’s in the range of this section. (WAY in the back)….

    .250 Milliseconds before I walked away she said I’ll give you the section you WANTED to sit in for the price of where you can AFFORD to sit.

    So after casually paying about 25% of what she claimed the seats cost I saw the show. The Theater was about 20% capacity.

    The show was Phenomenal BTW. Seriously it was top tier, but FUCK that pricing method.

  2. I have quite a few photos of this road, from Australia & have visited USA may times & this is one of my favorite places, try to make it here most trips

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