Life in Thailand right now. Hansa Beach Resort is simply amazing.

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    1. The island of Koh Phangan. I’ve been traveling Asia for the past year or so and decided I’d start dumping some pics on here. Cheers.

      1. Super cool. I’ll have to check out the resort sometime. I live in Thailand, have bern to Koh Phangan once but haven’t heard of this resort. Cheers.

  1. Bleck – Koh Phangan. I can’t think about that island without remembering dirty hippies, annoying vegans, music that sounds like a 56k modem fucking a fax machine blasting out of everywhere (which always confused me – you’d think they’d have some nice, relaxing, chill music to pair with the views…but nope just that techno shit).

    Lived there for 7 months and never really could enjoy myself there. Even met my girlfriend there! But still could never get into it.

    Moved to Chiang Mai and like it a lot better.

    I think this is the place that was always playing loud music whenever I would go paddle boarding in the Baan Thai area.

    Anyway, they do have some awesome sunsets. All my best Thailand pictures are in Koh Phangan hah hah.

    1. This placed actually had chill relaxed music for the entire time I was there. But I do understand the hippie/party bullshit you’re referring too. Chiang Mai is mint. Fav city as well.

      1. I still go down to Koh Phangan every once in awhile because my girlfriend lived there for 10 years and also loves playing volleyball so she knows pretty much everybody there.

        But I can only take it in doses.

        Last time I was down was for Sangkron though and that was fun because it was a little more chill.

        And we stayed i this awesome villa tucked up in Thongsala area a little bit which made the stay really relaxing:

        But yeah it’s hard to go out there without either a fist-pumping party dude talking to you or a “Here’s a healing crystal” hippy type who’s currently fucking one of the yoga gurus at those cults in Srithanu.

        1. My favorite places are Ko Samet and Ao Nang Beach in Krabi. Samet has zero tourist and there’s only 1 main road on the entire island. You must ride a bike or walk and that’s what made it awesome. The true authenticity of Thailand is still there for sure.

    2. Is there much in the way of an RPG community in Chaing Mai (Pathfinder, D&D) I’ve been thinking of moving there in a couple of years but Im afraid I would miss my favorite hobby.

      1. TBH I’m not big into the RPG but I do know there are some places where you can play online via their system and just pay by the hour. I’ll try and find a link or something.

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