Little off the beaten path in Gimmelwald, Switzerland

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    1. Hahah yeaaah it’s the road commonly taken for farmers but you won’t see another person for hours down this path.

      As it is Gimmelwald seems to be on nobody’s radar outside of jumping on the next cable car to Murren!

      You literally have the whole place to yourself

        1. Depending on how fast you are, it’ll take about 2ish hour but the road eventually ends and a trail continues all the way to a glacier. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The glacier is receding and has opened up to a massive ice cave

          I don’t think anyone’s died in that cave but as always just be careful. Basically follow this road until there’s no more road to follow and you’ll have a Swiss paradise to yourself. Saw one other soul after 3 hours of hiking. Take boots ! Gets rocky and gravel near the glacier

          1. Sorry I didn’t clarify more, but do you have any directions to the beginning of this road (i.e. where you took the photo)?

  1. Do swiss people ever have problems with “falling down”? Is it a common thing to say like “Last weekend my grandmother fell down, we had to take her to the hospital” in a similar way that you sometimes say old people slipped on a patch of ice and injured themselves.

    1. I live here and still wonder the same thing. I mean, people are acquainted with the idea that a blue and white path will be a tricky climb for many, but if you don’t know that and you’re not good with heights and what have you, there will be no safety net or warnings signs to let you know. I’m sure people get in bother all the time but obviously things like that are taught in childhood

  2. I find it interesting that Gimmelwald doesn’t seem to be really on the radar as a Swiss destination here in the UK – I worked in the travel industry for over 10 years and the only people I ever heard mention the place were Americans on the internet.

    1. It’s a common recommendation of Rick Steves, the well known American travel writer and tour operator, which likely puts it a bit more on the American travelers’ radar.

      1. Yeah Rick loves that town. I stayed at his favorite spot and talked with the owner, she says he comes and stays there every few years.

      2. Weirdly the only time I’ve heard someone mention Rick Steves is when someone in the UK is taking the piss out of him.

    1. Imagine having to take a 3 hour journey everytime you want to go buy some food. It’s not as cool as it seems.

      Source: am Swiss

    1. You still had snow in June? Went inearly June in 2016 and it was green as one could see until you went up to the higher altitudes. Makes me grateful my weather worked out so well.

      1. Yea it was a little nuts. I was in Bern the day before and it was 80 degrees out. wake up to chilly rain the next day and head to the Alps, by the time I get there it was a full on mini blizzard. The folks at the hostel said the day before was perfect weather no snow at all below a certain level. Wish I had brought my board.

      2. Seems like that should be the case, no? In the US, the mountain passes are still snowed in June (usually mid June is when people start going into the Sierra) for the most part and the Alps are pretty high and are a little further North.

        1. I went the second week of June 2016 and not an ounce of snow unless you went to the higher elevations. They can still get plenty of rain during that period, but my understanding from the locals is it doesn’t usually settle as snow.

  3. Went there in May, didn’t have any cash on hand so I couldn’t take the cable car so ended up walking around all of Gimmelwald, through the forest and worked our way down and back to Lauterbrunnen. Couldn’t of asked for a better day.

  4. Breathtaking. I love the shit out of Switzerland, been there thrice now, and taking a trip in December. Can’t wait to be back there.

  5. If you’re in Gimmelwald, I recommend the hike up to the Sprutz waterfall. It’s just about 45 minutes up the mountain. On the way back down, I cut across to the North Face trail and came back down. The hike up from Sprutz to Rokstockhutte is supposed to be really nice, as well.

    1. That’s pretty much the first hike I’d recommend with a stop at Byndli then come back through the valley to the bottom of the Gondola or hike back up to Gimmelwald.

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