My favorite thing about staying in Miyajima was just chilling at the shrine at night when all the other tourists had gone home

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  1. Add to that Japan is extremely safe even at night, you can sleep there.

    But in the end, you’ll wake up in the morning with the most horrible of scenery, the flooding tourists.

      1. Never said I’m not haha.

        Perhaps… perhaps I’ll just become a hippie tourist and visit it in the off-season (assuming there’s one for this).

        1. So in the off-season, when locals get a break from tourists, you want to be a tourist because you don’t want to have to see other tourists? Sounds good

    1. Pretty sure if you sleep there you’ll be abducted by deer. They will either force you to get them snacks or take you in as one of their own.

  2. I camped on that island years ago. Freaking deer ate my toothpaste out of my backpack. I remember looking across the bay to Hiroshima at night with the beach to myself. Beautiful place.

      1. The canopy, or the handle? This is important.

        Also: There is a whole lot of umbrella-related terminology I wasn’t aware of until today. Google “parts of an umbrella” for an educational time.

        1. Canopy part. That would have been quite the sight to see if a deer tried to eat the handle. Clear plastic umbrellas are everywhere in Japan. It was one of those. I never would have expected so many different names for parts of an umbrella.

  3. I love torii gates! I have running list of the ones in unique places that I’d like to visit on my next trip to Japan.

      1. Sure!

        * [Hakone Shrine on Lake Ashi](
        * [Fushimi Inari] (
        * [Meiji Jingu] (
        * [Oarai Isosaki-jinja Shrine] (
        * [Motonosumi Inari Shrine] (
        * [Itsukushima Shrine (the one in this post)] (

        You really don’t have to look that hard to find very picturesque ones just in the woods or other beautiful locations. There is even [one on the summit of Mt. Fuji] (

    1. No, I stayed in the hostel on the island. But I was talking about just going to the shrine at night and just sitting there, taking photos, reading etc. You can camp on the island though, just not at the shrine.

  4. We *loved* our overnight there. So glad we made the trip down. Besides those beautiful Torii gates the village itself is picturesque, like stepping back through time

  5. I had a similar moment in Paris. I was walking by St. Mary’s (I think that was the name, it was near Saint-German), noticed it was virtually empty and went and hung out in one of the pews near the massive crucifix. It was virtually silent there and I stayed for about 20-30 minutes. One of my favorite travel experiences.

  6. I did the same! Although deer tried to steal my stuff too, nothing compared to when my wife and I watched as a hawk dove and stole some street food from a poor Chinese tourist near were you took that pic

  7. Miyajima is truly worth a stay overnight. Many people only take a day tour there as a side trip from Hiroshima but then you miss out on stuff like this. Also, it’s worth staying a full day just to see the gate at both high tide (for the boat ride) and low tide (walking under it on the sand and making it wish by trying to stick a coin into the gate).

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