My impression of London in one image

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  1. Perhaps not the prettiest or most idyllic side of London but what struck me most about the city was the contrast between the old landmarks and the skyscrapers and construction sites that tower over them.

      1. I used to always pop into this church and the graveyard on the way home from work to kill time before my train, wasn’t expecting to see it here! It used to have Damien Hirst art in there I think, is there any of that still there?

    1. I mean, London is a lot more mixed together. Yeah, Paris has La Defense but it’s not really in Paris city center. Here in Madrid we have lots of modern areas with office towers, but they are well north of the historical center.

      Particularly in the City of London, there’s very modern mixed with very old.

    2. It’s very different than what I’ve seen in cities like Amsterdam, Edinburgh or Barcelona where you see almost nothing new in the historical centres. Of course London was bombed heavily in WW2 so it makes sense that a lot of history is gone now.

      1. And then the London County Council finished off most of what the Luftwaffe missed in a misguided attempt at ‘redevelopment’

  2. Totally expected the stereotypical photo of a red double-decker bus crossing the Westminster Bridge with Big Ben in the background from the caption

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