Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany – Visiting is like being inside a fairy tale! I took this photo in July 2015 from the Marienbrucke pedestrian bridge.

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  1. I am planing on traveling there, can you summarize your stay a bit? How long did you stay, did you visit the surrounding area, what did you prepare, where you happy with your trip?

    1. I stayed in garmisch partenkirken (abt an hour drive from Munich) and drove around Bavaria and the surrounding countries. We stayed about 3.5 weeks. I had an amazing trip, and would love to go back. The people were all extremely nice and welcoming. Love Germany! Just plan out an itinerary for your trip with things to do, and visit different areas at a time. And try to indulge yourself in the culture, don’t be an ignorant traveler. And have fun!

    2. My friend and I stayed in a hostel in Fussen and walked to the castles (little over 2 miles). There are really nice walking paths around the area. We stayed less than 48 hours but you can definitely spend more time and have a good time, definitely recommended especially if you’re already thinking about it.

    3. Sure, here is what we did in July of 2015. We took a day trip from Munich. We took a train to Fussen, leaving Munich at about 8:30 am and arriving Fussen at about 10:30 am. We took a taxi (about 10 Euro) to the ticket center from the train station and we picked up our reserved castle tour tickets there that we had bought in advance. (See below for more on this.*)

      From the ticket center, we took the Neuschwanstein shuttle bus to the Marienbrucke pedestrian bridge, where I took the posted picture. From Maarienbrucke, we walked downhill to the castle entrance and took the tour of the interior of the castle.

      After the tour, at about 2 pm, we took the shuttle bus down to the Museum of the Kings to have lunch at the restaurant there with a beautiful view of the lake, Alpenrose am See. Lunch offerings were typical Bavarian dishes. The food was good, and the prices were moderate. (Note: On a previous visit, we took the horse and carriage back from the castle instead of the shuttle and that was nice, too. The horse and carriage ride is 6 Euro to take it uphill and 3 Euro to take it downhill from the ticket center to the castle.)

      After a late lunch, we walked back toward the ticket center, and we took the bus back from there to Fussen. We took a late afternoon train back to Munich, arriving in Munich in time for dinner.

      *There are several ticket offerings for the Neuschwanstein area. We only visited Neuschwanstein. We purchased tickets in advance online, and paid the 1.80 Euro reservation fee per ticket, to guarantee our time during the busy month of July. Tickets for the tour of Neuschwanstein only are 13 Euros. There is a combi-ticket, which includes Hohenschwangau Castle and the Museum of the Bavarian Kings for 31.50 Euro.
      Link for current ticket prices and link to purchase online tickets [here]

    4. Did just a day trip from Munich. Drove ourselves. Not a bad drive. Could stop where every we wanted along the way.

      Went in spring

  2. This place really really gives you a perspective of many facets of life from its building era. The kitchens alone must be seen to be believed. Place was HUGE. The sheer scale is amazing.

  3. I was at the Neuschwanstein Castle in 2013. What a marvelous experience. I can honestly say that seeing architecture from that era up close and personal was a life changing experience for me.

    1. I agree! We have been twice, once in winter when it was surrounded by snow. The waterfall in the gorge was almost completely frozen! The second time we went, when I took the posted picture, it was much more crowded – in July. That day, while it was very hot, the sky was clear and the views were amazing. Both times, it was magical!

  4. Wow! You can see the castle from that great of a perspective? Really nice shot, I’m hoping to be able to visit one day!

  5. I must have went at the wrong time because when I went there were about 10k tourists on the bridge at once all trying to take the exact same picture they had seen 10k other times from the exact same location.

    It was cool to see but probably the most touristy thing to do in Germany. It’s a lot like being at Disney World. You enter a huge parking lot, walk by a bunch of gift shops, stand n line for an hour to buy tickets for the bus to the bridge, wait in another line to get on the bus, spend 10 minutes taking the bus up the hill. Then you get there and it’s beautiful. Spend 10 minutes there and head home.

    I also don’t have anything against tourist attractions. I though the Eiffel tower was decent, loved places like Mont Saint Michel, etc. This one just didn’t do it for me like I thought it would.

  6. I’m visiting Neuschwanstein this December on a trip to Germany for the Christmas markets! We were planning to visit Munich, so I had to work a day in to see the castle!

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