[OC] If you wake up at the ass crack of dawn, you can get the Colosseum in Rome all to yourself

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  1. Did you feel safe in Rome? I’d love to go early morning but as a woman traveling solo I’m not sure how safe that would be for me even in daylight.

    1. My fiancee and I were just in Rome about 2 weeks ago and around the colosseum was just a bunch of older tourists in slow moving groups with an earbud in for the group guide. It was really not threatening feeling and there wasn’t any pickpockets that I encountered. Rome is like NYC though, the Termini and bus and tram systems are rapid and people drive like crazy people. Plus, Rome is so big and sprawling like NYC too.

      Our Airbnb was just outside of town to the east and was in a really rough looking part of town, but just off the street was a really nice neighborhood. We walked together multiple times late at night there and everyone that we encountered was kept to their self, as seems with most Italians.

  2. Wish it was like this when we went. Rome is ruined by those lucky lucky sellers.

    Even at 8am they were out on the Spanish Steps

  3. Wow, what a shot. I went during dusk in the afternoon and it was absolutely packed – I’d kill for a shot like this.

  4. I’m finally flying to Bergamo next month over my birthday to go from Bergamo to Verona then to Florence. I had planned to come back in March again except visit Rome and Naples but after seeing this I might add both Rome and Naples to the trip next month lol.

    I plan to get up at 5AM and be out by 6AM while I’m over there so I’m glad even in Rome you can get shots like this.

  5. The Colosseum is so incredible in person. Those Arch ways are like 20 feet tall and it’s like the size of a modern stadium. Blows me away they could make something like this in the 1st century.

  6. I went running at night. Pretty much like having a tour of the whole city by yourself and a couple armed guards here and there. Ran around the colloseum and played with a baby cat I found

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