[oc] sunset over the Alhambra palace. Granada, Spain

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    1. Spending 3 nights in Granada in mid-November for my Honeymoon. Alhambra is the one thing we have locked in. Also looking forward to tapas bars. Other than that, would love some suggestions. Pretty open to anything, although I will say we are not big on clubs/partying. One specific question – I believe I read that there is some nice hiking near Granada, but am not sure how accessible the trails are without a car?

      1. There’s a beautiful hike that takes you through Sacromonte (where flamenco supposedly originated). It takes you along a beautiful riverside walk in the ‘forest’ to a crazy ruined building (Jesus Del Valle). You then walk up the hill behind the Alhambra and down to the city centre (passing the Alhambra). Google ‘Jesus Del Valle’ senderismo / camino). San Miguel Alto is also beautiful for the sunset. Terraza La Cueva is an amazing illegal pizza place in the hills (but very hard to find!). El Higo is amazing for tapas and chilled live music. Cafe 4 Gatos is a MUST for amazing toast (tostadas here) and coffee. I could go on and on, but if you have any questions let me know!

    1. How was the city? I’m gonna be study abroad in Spain all next year and will most definitely check out Granada

      1. I’m studying here now and it’s a great city to study in. The university is great and you get free food with every beer at almost every restaurant and bar.

      2. What Ted said below!
        People are young, friendly and the city seems to straddle that great line between plenty of things to do, yet chill enough to not seem stressed.

        Tapas – with every drink you get some random food. Three beers in, you’ve had dinner.
        Lots of things to see, besides just experiencing the city.

        You should NOT miss Granada!

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