Paris Catacombs. 100% worth the price of admission.

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  1. Other than skulls on a wall what is there to see or experience?

    How was the line? I considered going in Spring once (might have been Easter hols or very close now I think about it) but gave up the moment I got there and saw the vast queue of people.

    1. It gives you a history of the tunnel excavations throughout the history of Paris. What the Catacombs were used for, how they can/cannot determine cause of death, signals of historic plagues. All the way up to modern tunnel developments. Very unique and the presentation of coming upon the actual Catacombs is very nicely done. Line was a little over ten minutes tops and took about an hour to walk through and read about

      1. What is it like inside on a crowded day? Is it packed or do they limit the amount of people? On one hand I was creeped out at being alone because I wondered what I would do if I got hurt and no one was there to hear me scream… but then I was thinking it would be kind of scary to be stuck down there with tons of people? Also, I went to Versailles on the same trip and it was pretty crowded so I’m not sure why the catacombs were empty. I was surprised.

        1. > do they limit the amount of people?

          Yes they do. So not really crowded down there but you can always see somebody.

          It was creepy but not like your experience.

  2. Can you give me some logistical details on going?

    Do I need to make a reservation? Do I need to show up early? How much does it cost? How long does it last?

    Wife and I will be in Paris in two weeks and this is one of the things we wanted to do.

    1. We did not make a reservation, just showed up and waited ten minutes. They only allow around 200 people down at a time so the line does movie a tiny bit slow. I think it cost 12 euro but it was discounted if you’re an EU resident under 26. The whole walk lasted about an hour but there’s really nobody down there telling you how fast or slow you have to move, so more or less depending on that. Definitely worth it. And to recommend other things I really enjoyed walking around Montmartre, the area around Sacre-Coeur. Of course all the highlights are more than worth it, I spent hours in the Louvre.

        1. You can rent a headset for an audio tour at the entrance. I think I only saw one actual tour group in the tunnels when I went there.

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