Reflection of the Matterhorn

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        1. I have seen other photos of green grass but I honestly wouldn’t know… most photos I have seen of this is with snow everywhere haha

    1. Pretty standard for most of the year that high up. The grass-friendly conditions come late and go early. There is normally a pretty obvious green/brown divide on most steep mountainsides in spring/autumn.

      1. Never mind, glad to hear that there is fish there, it means lake is clean and that is not polluted 🙂

  1. back when my grandma was still alive we visited zermatt and this lake several times a year. after she died i never visited agaib however 2 years ago i went back. unfortunately zermatt has changed. its not the small village that it used to be. there being a döner restaurant and a mcdo destroy the whole image of this mountain village. theres so many tourists and once more.. tourism has destroyed a small and precious piece of culture

    1. Yeah I was very surprised how touristic Zermatt was! I was a little disappointed but it was still very good to get out of the village and hike the surrounds, you could get away from all the tourists ( I was one of course) but you could escape the “commercialisation” of the village! It was still worth visiting stunning place.

      1. Nice! I may be in Zermatt in a couple of weeks (not sure I’ll be able to fit it and the jungfrau region in within my timeframe). I was wondering what the weather was like.

        1. Nice one! Well this was the clearest day I had for 4 days there… every other day was cloudy but couldn’t only really see half of the Matterhorn, No rain just cold and over cast! Great place though! Heaps of hiking trails if you’re into that as well and just amazing views!

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