Ship from another time, in Hongkong

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  1. When I stayed in Hong Kong my hotel room had a great view overlooking the bay. On the first day that I arrived, an hour or so after checking into the hotel, I was laying down on the bed for a little while because I was exhausted from the travelling, when I saw one of these in the bay. I thought it would make a gorgeous shot and the lighting was just right but I was so tired and I didn’t want to move and my camera was still buried in a bag somewhere, so I decided I’d just get a photo the next time one came around. I was in Hong Kong for 8 days and I never saw another one! Always get the shot while you have a chance…

  2. It’s in all the ads for Hong Kong, but you rarely see one. Great for the travel photos, but a bit disappointing to see just smog and traditional ships. Go see the Giant Buddha instead on nearby Lantau island- a quick ferry and bus ride away.

  3. 4 years ago in HK… I saw these ships Alll the freaking time. THis is NOT something special… They are literally all over the bay at any time.

    If you go to google maps, do a street view of the harbor, view over to the bay and you’ll see them too… probably 2 or three at any given time.

    1. I had the same experience last year.

      They were probably about as authentic as the “pirate ship” party boats you see on the Med.

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