Shu He Old Town, Lijiang, Yunnan

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  1. Yes it’s about 8km away from the touristy one, the other small one is called Baisha. ShuHe is the best imo because of the canals and it’s way quieter and still has local people going about their daily lives.

  2. I skipped Lijiang and went straight to Shangrila since I heard Lijiang was too tourist-y. This picture indicates otherwise – guess I’ll have to go back some time!

  3. china is such a beautiful and interesting country. if they would just have some decent manners, laws, no environmental issues and so on

  4. Ah yes this a a must see place. I have been there. Loved China. Too bad I had to leave too fast because my company wanted summer in South East Asia. I got hight sickness there tho, and food poisoning of some eggs I think 🙁 but it was all worth it. Went on further too Shangri la and even a small place even further called deqin or something?

    Also tiger leaping Gorge is a really nice hiking route there, which I walked. Beautiful scenery as you go high up on a side of a valley, with 1 day sleepover in small manned cabin/hostels if you can call it that much.

    Sitting on the mountain hill order nice food and a beer. Mmmmhh. It’s medium level difficulty, I did it easily, but my more untrained company from Denmark really struggled. I’m from Norway though so we are more prepared for this kind of things hehe.

  5. Is this the one with the horse-pulled cars in the north of lijiang? The middle area with the water walkways was really gorgeous. It’s smaller than the Old Town of Lijiang but it’s quieter for sure.

    If anyone wants to visit, don’t go in through the front entrance where they charge your a 40rmb “fee” when you really don’t need to pay if you took a smaller road in.

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