Sometimes it’s the hidden places that are the most beautiful. Filoti, Greece

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      1. I just came back from Greece (mykonos and Santorini) and it was the most beautiful place ive ever been. I feel weird saying that since its known for being a party scene and honeymoon destination but the islands were so picturesque and clean.

        1. Really glad to hear that you enjoyed it! We’re off to Santorini now, and are quite excited.

          How was Mykonos? Were the parties as wild as everyone says? We decided to do Naxos instead – very relaxing!

          1. The parties start to die down starting in September and we ended up not going to any. We did go to paradise and super paradise beach to hang out a little be never went back at night. It does look like it gets wild. I liked mykonos. It’s a lot cozier than Santorini. In Santorini, if you go to Oia for sunset be prepared to be among hoards of people and find a spot early if you want to watch the sunset.

      1. OMG! I just went to Greece (in August) and was also attacked by bees! My friend and I were attacked in Crete. Greek bees are vicious, man…

        I really wanted to make it to Naxos. Is it as amazing as everyone says? Did you make it to any other islands?

        1. The bee’s are quite aggressive in Greece, we got stung a couple times, but made it out okay. Luckily we were at the start of the trail, so decided to head back into the city.

          Naxos has been delightful! The beaches are great, and there is lots to see. Not exactly a party island, but great for relaxation. We are off to Santorini now (obligatory on a first trip to Greece!)

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