Stopped for some lunch in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

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          1. Monkeys were stealing people’s food left and right. My guide warned me to be vigilant. I thought I was safe by putting my water bottle on top of my biscuit, but I turned head to look at something and a monkey was there within two seconds to snatch it away. They are devious.

          2. In Ngorongoro there was some sort of Bird of Prey that seemed to think our food was a good catch. He didn’t get anything though. We lunched near a bathing spot for a whole crash of hippos and it was a bit nerve wracking.

          3. No, it wasn’t a fish eagle. We saw a few of those in Kenya, I just can’t remember what bird it was.

  1. gonna be there in 2 months. more, please.

    edit: also, how do you pronounce it? En-go-RON-go-ro? ng-or-on-GORE-oh? something totally different?

      1. >”NOR-on-goro”

        This isn’t how anyone pronounced it while I was there. /u/kevinnye is more correct. “in-goron-goro”

      1. huh. not sure how i missed this – i was browsing for tanzania stuff a lot in august while looking into booking this trip. good stuff.

          1. ok, i don’t mean to be crass, but that “the silent watcher” photo is fucking tremendous. looks like an outstanding trip and it also looks like you had great luck with the big cats. we’re being prepped for “they’re active *early* in the morning, so don’t expect to see them all the time.”

          2. Thank you! We got REALLY lucky with the big cats, saw lots of predators in action. With the leopard we ended up spending the entire day with him, he was a gorgeous guy.

  2. Thank you for posting! This brings back wonderful memories of a trip I took with my dad when I was 13 in 96′. Don’t know about now but driving down the crater then was quite scary!

    When we went there was a rhino that walked the same path everyday at the same time and tourists lined up to watch.

    1. There’s only around 30 rhinos there now and the area they like to spend their time the most is off-limits for tourists so you’d have to be very lucky to spot one these days. You basically only see them when they go out from that area and that’s not very common.

  3. I was in that exact place just a few months ago! A momma hippo was in the pond with her baby who was happily zipping around her. What a beautiful place.

  4. I had lunch by that lake! They told us to be careful about the birds. One of the guys was waving his sandwich around and a bird swooped down and grabbed it out of his hand.

  5. Surprised there aren’t any Land Cruisers in this picture. When I went, there were about 40 of them stopped for lunch. I actually took pictures of all the Land Cruisers instead of the animals that trip. The tourists thought I was taking pictures of something behind them, but in reality, I was taking pictures of them. It was great. As a side note, I have lived in different parts of Africa for over 20 years and so the animals were not a must. Love the Ngorongoro Crater though.

  6. Haha, I have a photo of that exact same tree! The green sign in the middle says “Don’t Feed The Animals” if anyone’s wondering.

    Ngorongoro is one of my favourite UNESCO World Heritage sites, and probably one of my favourite spots in Africa!

  7. I was at the exact same spot around 7 years ago. Its one of the popular tourist lunch spots and was very crowded. Hawks would prey on peoples lunch. There are hippos in the swamp behind the tree too. The Ngorongoro is one of the most beautiful places on earth, I highly recommend people who are visiting East Africa to visit it. The famous Serengeti borders it too.

    1. I was there too! Probably around 6 or 7 years ago too! That’s awesome I have such great memories of that place and Tanzania as a whole. Such a wonderful and friendly place.

    2. > Hawks would prey on peoples lunch. There are hippos in the swamp behind the tree too.

      The hippo spot and the hawk spot are different, although it’s possible of course our experiences were different and the hawks are in more than one place.

      When I was there earlier this year, we ate lunch at the hippo swamp while inside the crater (no hawks in sight) and then the next day had lunch at the hawk tree up on the rim (far from the hippos).

    3. I was with my family and we took photos up against that very tree. Such a cool place, it was completely breathtaking.

  8. How did the hippos treat you OP? Last year when I was there we had a few start coming up near shore where we were eating.

  9. I recognize this place! I was there just about a year ago, and stopped at exactly the same place you did. I also had a box lunch with chicken, bread, fruit, etc. Too funny.

  10. I was there in January but there were about 100 other visitors all taking shade underneath the tree with our bag lunches.

  11. I have a picture of that tree! Was the small sign that reads “don’t feed animals” there?

    Edit: I see the sign.

      1. Ah man when I was there a few years ago these giant hawks that the locals called eagles swooped down and literally stole mazungo’s lunches right out of their hands. Terrifying but awesome to watch from afar. Awesome place!

        1. Heh yes they’ve been doing that for awhile! Was there 19 years ago and one of the guys in our group lost his sandwich.

  12. Ngorongoro was definitely gorgeous, amazing being in the caldera with the variety of wildlife and landscapes all within minutes.

    Was there 13 months ago… definitely some cheeky hawks… a lady had her sandwich stolen right from her hands lol!
    Sat in the land cruiser after that haha!

    Loved the Savannah’s of the Serengeti the most though, so vast, so beautiful!

    Take me back!!!

      1. Yeah. We saw one. I’d seen rhinos and all the other safari creatures in the zoo, but there’s just something magical seeing them in the wild. The sheer magnitude of beasts in those herds is breathtaking.

  13. I was here last summer, couldn’t believe how close people were getting to the hippos! Guide said as long as you aren’t between them and water there’s no problem …

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