Such a Surreal Environment – Salt Flats at Uyuni, Bolivia

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  1. Is this your pic/did you go recently? Thought it only had this reflective effect in the wet season like January-March or so

    1. Yup, this is my picture. I went early September. Most of it was dry, we had to go to a certain section to get to the reflective part. My friend actually went in March, and because it was wet season they couldn’t do a lot of the activities on the salt flats.

      1. Oh nice one, I’d have been there about a month before but wasn’t lucky enough for this! Place is incredible either way though

  2. I did a tour one the salt flats along with a girl who kept tagging her photos as “off the beaten track”.

    I was like “girl, tracks have literally been ground into the salt by the amount of land rovers that drive over this every day.”

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