Summer snow on the Hörnli Ridge of the Matterhorn – Even when most of the mountain is covered in clouds, it can still be pretty dramatic (Zermatt, Switzerland) [OC]

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  1. For context, this is the ridge followed for the first successful climb to the summit, and is the standard/easiest route to the top. You can see the Hörnli Hut towards the bottom, which is usually the place to spend the night before going to the summit, which is ~4000ft/1220m in elevation above the hut.

      1. The south west Italian (lion) side is slightly more difficult. Then there’s the north face which has many different routes and they’re all for mad bastards. There’s other ridges and lines up the other faces but in general it’s the hornli and lion for the beginners and the north face for the hardcore.
        It’s a majestic mountain and the most incredible experience I’ve had so far in mountaineering.

  2. This Switzerland week on r/travel is a good week 🙂

    Awesome pic dude. And thanks for all the great posts on r/Schweiz too.

    1. Thanks! I don’t consider myself a particularly gifted photographer, but Switzerland seems like cheating sometimes. It was a pretty cloudy weekend, and the rest of the mountain was pretty much covered, and I got lucky with a quick photo when the clouds and light were moving as I was coming down from the Gornergrat.

      It seems sometimes like I’m the only one on r/Schweiz, but there’s so much to see in Switzerland, that I feel like I need to keep it afloat even if there aren’t many people who post as much…

    1. It’s 4 stories tall, and according to the website accommodates 130 people.

      Sadly, I’m not a climber so I didn’t summit. I’ve done some pretty difficult hiking, but I’ve got no mountaineering training. This time I was actually there for the Zermatt Marathon, and this was the most visibility the mountain had all weekend…

      1. Dang! It looks like a pebble in this picture, did you have to hike up to get to this spot? How far away from the mountain were you? This shot is incredible

        1. I was on the other side of the valley, actually, so maybe 6km directly across? That side you can hike up and all over, or combine hiking with train/funicular/gondolas to get around if you want.

  3. This is a fantastic shot. You should crosspost this in /r/earthporn.

    Brings back fond memories of my Matterhorn climb a couple of years ago.

  4. Wow, the small hut near the base really shows the sheer size of this peak. Apparently this is one of the deadliest peaks in the world. Would love to run the trails nearby it! But climbing this sucker is a no no for me 🙂

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