Switzerland! Even aside from the tourist highlights, it’s a country filled with little treasures of coziness and natural beauty.

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        1. Sorry, I didn’t say it looks worse. You’re getting wrong. This beautiful place is similar with some places of few countries.

    1. This actually reminds me of that one creepy house the kids are kept in an attached trailer in the first season of True Detective

  1. Switzerland is absolutely beautiful. I went there in the 80’s and was there just a few months ago. It’s clean, you feel safe everywhere you go and it’s almost impossible to find any place that is not pristine. But HOLY SHIT that place is expensive.

  2. Is it so expensive as people say? I’ve dreamed of going there for a while but so many people have told me that it’s too expensive.

    1. It is quite expensive in comparison to the rest of Europe. It is absolutely beautiful though and a worthwhile visit!

    2. when i was there like 5 years ago I remember a doner, something that was 2-3 euro in leipzig or berlin, was like 9-10 euro in switzerland

    3. A buddy of mine got caught speeding there going 14 over the limit. They gave him a $1,450 speeding ticket.

      But god dammit do they hook their people up with some kickass social programs.

      1. How rich is your buddy? Fines in Switzerland adjust based on income šŸ˜‰ (in all honesty, $1450 sounds really high)

        1. I think the friend understated his speeding… income variable fines don’t kick in that early (only 16+ km/h over the limit in towns or 21+ outside). The max fine for 14 km/h over is only 250.-.

        2. Then this idiot most definitely lied to me, unless not being a citizen would change that.

          He told me that and I was blown away, but my ignorance on Swiss civil law couldn’t tell him he was wrong so now I’m glad I’m seeing through his bullshit. Lol

          Or he was just speeding a LOT faster than 14 over. Even so, that’s astronomically high.

          Yeah I’m calling bullshit now. Never really thought about how insane that was until now.

    4. Currently spending a couple days in Geneva, very expensive compared to everywhere else I’ve been on this trip. Other places travelled this trip: Amsterdam, Munich (Oktoberfest was amazing), Paris, and Chamonix. Geneva has been the most expensive virtually impossible to spend less than $25 per person on dinner, expensive parking, etc etc.

    5. Yes. Especially hard for tourists since restaurants are especially pricey (around double the price of other European countries). And also public transport is twice as much if you don’t have have the Swiss half fare card (most Swiss people do, but most tourists don’t).

    6. Yes! Reddit brought me there. I saw [this picture](http://i.imgur.com/2eIq9.jpg) on here yearssss ago and saved it and said one day I’m gonna go there! And I did! I went to that same restaurant.

      I went for a few weeks back in June and it was ridiculous. But its really the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen so its worth spending the next few months paying off my credit card. I basically didn’t eat much though. I just couldn’t even justify spending $30-$40 CAD on some pasta. And forget about the meat dishes, they were $40-$60 anywhere you go. A mini can of diet coke was $6 CAD at 2 different places I ate at. Big Mac combo was $17.50, its $9 where I’m from.

      But after going broke, I’m saving up to go again once I pay off my credit card! I’m gonna try to do it cheaper next time!

      [Here’s some pictures from my trip!](https://www.instagram.com/mandaface/)

  3. This is amazing.

    God dammit I hate America more and more everyday.

    This landscape would be permanently littered with McDonald’s and KFC if this was in the states.

    Stupid fucking Americans.

    Yes, I’m American, don’t call the CIA. Assholes.

    1. Thanks, but honestly… I saw landscapes like this in the Rockies and in the Appalachians too. Just as unspoiled. No need to rip on the States when there is plenty to see if you’re willing to explore beyond your neighborhood.

      1. Oh absolutely! I’ve traveled most of the country and seen some incredible places in the states. Jaw dropping.

        But in lot of places across the Atlantic, it’s almost as if they deliberately keep traditional buildings and keep nature close by. To a point that everywhere you look, it looks like this, even some busy towns.

        To enjoy things like this in the states, you have to venture very very deep into national and state parks.

        As in you’ll never find a community that looks this amazing.

        Sorry for my original rant, I just truly would be complete if I could enjoy Florida (where I live) in its purest form while also living amongst it.

        I have to drive hours, all the way down to the Everglades to get true natural surroundings.

    1. I think you’re reading into the title the wrong way. I just meant that most people hit up just a handful of highlights and consider that all they needed to see in Switzerland. That’s what I was getting at. I love the country, and despite how expensive it is to explore, there is so much there.

      Switzerland is more than just Lauterbrunnen, Zermatt, Luzern, Bern, Interlaken, Geneva, Basel and Zueri yet that seems to be what 90% of tourists limit themselves to there (if even all of those).

      1. I whole heartedly agree! My wife and I had the best time in Kandersteg, nobody we know had ever heard of it!

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