The Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Cairo, Egypt in January of 2017. One of my favorite pieces of architecture in the city. Cairo is a very busy, populated city but I recommend not to miss it!

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  1. When I was here there were a ton of Egyptian Army personnel visiting. My guide was like “Don’t interact with them. Take no photos of them.” So we left them alone. But then suddenly someone from our group was gone. My guide went pale when he saw her in the middle of a big group of them, with them taking selfies. He ran over. She said “But…but they said they wanted the photos!” And they smiled and started taking photos with all of us. Those that spoke English thanked us for visiting Egypt. It was very sweet. Our guide still was very confused and was like “That isn’t normal…”

    1. I also felt the army personnel were very sweet and kind, maybe it’s a matter of luck. I do think that Egyptians try there best to be hospitable and want tourism to boom again, which I completely understand. I was very surprised at how nice everyone was there! Had an Egyptian gift me a sim card when I told him My phone didn’t work. I thought it was such a nice gesture.

    2. Even at airport security, usually the most hostile place in any given country, we had Egyptian officers thank us for visiting. They wanted to hear about what we had enjoyed while in their country. All I had heard before visiting was fear and warnings, but the Egyptian people we met were so nice!

    1. I’m a huge street food fan, so you could try Felfela(restaurant), the falafel in Egypt is to die for. Don’t miss the opportunity to try koshary either! I was with Egyptians during my travel so I actually don’t remember the places I was at besides that which I mentioned, but they were all local favorites. El fishawi is a very well known coffee shop in Khan el Khalil, so you can drop by there too. Abou Ammar El Soury has great shawarma. If you are less into street food I can’t recommend much, sorry, I stayed at an Egyptian household and so had a couple of dinners with home made Egyptian food.
      Overall I hope you can find something suitable 😀 I was staying at Giza area and there an awesome falafel place there, cant remember the name but do know how to give indications to get there with a map.

      1. > Don’t miss the opportunity to try koshary either!

        I still dream of cheap Egyptian Koshary. I’m trying to figure out a recipe to make it here at home.

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