Traffic Jam in Halong Bay

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  1. It’s too crowded. Even if you go past all the boats, there’s still trash in the water, and the whole vibe of “let’s get all the tourists in the boats” in the port kind of ruins the experience.

    1. It is too crowded. I greatly enjoyed my time there. But it was a minor disappointment given the cost and expectation.

    2. Pay for a better junk boat, it’s still cheap. Some will go to a different area. I spent a day kayaking by myself in the bay while pearl farmers tried to shoo me away (Thinking I was getting to close to their operations).

      1. Yeah, a lot of it when I went seemed to be luck of the draw. My second day we went on a day cruise with a different company and there was only 5 guests so they took us to “a beach we usually don’t go to” (I mean they could just tell anyone that). It was a nice small beach though – no other tourists and it wouldn’t have really worked if the 22 people the boat normally held had shown up.

    3. Yeah the bay was very busy. Our boat couldn’t go too far in because a lot of other ones had taken up spots further in. Regardless, had an amazing time and at night the lights from the other boats looked incredible so I can’t complain.

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