View of Boston from the 50th floor of the Skywalk Observatory. My first visit to Boston!

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    1. Hey I’m from here. I think the best advice for anybody visiting Boston is to walk. It’s a pedestrian city, and pretty safe. It’s also *super* tiny and you can explore all the different neighborhoods in just a few days walking.

      Also, don’t sleep on Cambridge and Somerville across the Charles. These days I prefer them to Boston proper.

      1. Are there other places outside Boston worth seeing, such as for example Plymouth or Gloucester? I noticed there is a ferry from Plymouth to Provincetown, and that’d be an interesting idea were I ever to travel to Boston. Too bad it seems MBTA commuter train service is limited, for reverse commuting from Boston to Plymouth on weekdays. And that I’m not sure if any trains serve Plymouth from Boston for reverse commuters, on weekends.

        1. Not much in Plymouth besides the sad rock. Provincetown is great though. There is a ferry that leaves from Boston. It’s still in the city, but out of they way, but the Arnold Arboretum is amazing especially when the leaves start to change. There are also some cute towns around the north coast such as Newburyport. Don’t know if the commuter rail goes there are not though.

          1. Yeah I heard about the rock memorial in Plymouth for the pilgrims, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much there beyond that. I will look it up, to see if MBTA commuter trains serve Newburyport or not. Didn’t realize that might be worth a stop. And I’ll look up Arnold Arboretum. And that’s good that you said I’d like Provincetown, since that seems like a must visit from what I read about that town. Didn’t realize there were ferries right from Boston, to Provincetown. Oddly some maps I looked at, showed the closest ferry was from Plymouth. Glad to learn I don’t have to travel that far south, to catch a ferry towards Provincetown.

            Would you recommend doing a trip to Gloucester? Sometimes I hear things about its past shipbuilding industry there, but dunno if there’s a museum dedicated to that there. And I did see MBTA commuter trains serve Gloucester.

        2. If you like art, the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem is a gem. You can also do some Salem Witch Trial stuff which may or may not be tacky.

          1. I’ll look those things up in Salem myself. Hadn’t heard of the Peabody Essex Museum, but thanks for mentioning it! Not surprised there’d be some Salem Witch Trial museum stuff, in Salem btw.

      2. That’s what I did! I walked the whole entire day so I can really get a feel of the city and I’m glad I did that! Too bad I was only there for a day but I plan to go back again during Fall. I heard it’s even more beautiful there with the autumn leaves 🙂

  1. Boston is one of my favorite cities. I’ve been there a couple of times. I loved the Harpoon brewery tour of you’re into beer. Great taproom! And I ate one of the best burgers I’ve ever had at Wheelhouse.

  2. You picked a great week to visit! If you need other travel recommendations feel free to PM me. I visited Boston 4 years ago and decided to move here shortly after 🙂

    1. Thank you! I would love to hear more places to visit at Boston. I really enjoyed walking around the city and the area at Beacon Hill is beautiful too. I did contemplate about moving there lol I’ll PM you for more details!

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