Visited Sørvágsvatn in the Faroe Islands and proceeded to have my socks knocked off.

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    1. The distance between the edge of the cliff and down to the lake looks a mere feet at glance, which is messing my eyes up; but look closer and there are people on the edge of the cliff and it’s probably a good 800+ yards down to the lake at least.

      1. Everything I’ve read is that that lake is actually at sea level, it’s just the perspective of the picture that makes it seem above, and enclosed.

  1. Can you see this on foot? from the viewpoint of the camera?

    Or was this taken with a drone/aerial photography

          1. Thought it was weird too. Apparently this location doesn’t actually exist, and you def can’t visit it either.

        1. No idea why folks downvoted you. Your followup clearly shows foreground in that image. I just didn’t see any adjacent cliffs in Google Earth, but there you go.

          1. No clue either. It’s not even remotely impossible to get where I’m standing, you just walk up the side of the cliff.

      1. Exactly. Its an optical illusion, there’s a cliff you walk up on. I’ll post more evidence shortly.

    1. There are many views in the Faroes that are similarly stunning and accessible by foot. Source: lived there and bummed around for a month

      1. Hi Nateonawalk…

        How did you live during that month? Camp it rough, or stay in hostels etc?

        Thanks in advance…

    1. Pretty sure it’s the angle that’s making it look like the water is at the top of the cliff. If I remember correctly the other side is also the ocean and not a lake on top of the cliff.
      EDIT: Nope it’s a lake, though the angle does make it look way more dramatic, still pretty insane

      1. Yeah there’s a part of the cliff that kinda juts out, you stand on that and it makes it look like the lake is floating above the ocean! Really rad!

    1. Karma Decay, TinyEye, Google Reverse Image search & Bing all come up clean…

      This is infact OP’s picture…. Could at least check before making baseless accusations.

      1. Yeah folks are pulling shit out of their ass. It’s a famous vantage point, so it’s going to look similar to other shit on the internet…

  2. Would I be right to assume costal erosion would wear away at the cliffs creating a spectacular but short lived waterfall?

  3. Best part is, if you zoom in you can see a tiny little house on the lake, double infinity view would be awesome of the lake and then the sea

  4. I found the coordinates where OP took the photo: 62° 1’20.28″N 7°13’55.24″W.

    It’s a cliff on an outcropping that overlooks both the seafront and the lake above.

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