Walking up to the Galata Tower, Istanbul

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  1. We’d stayed for a week in Istanbul a couple of years back (before a lot of the social unrest began). Definitely one of our favourite cities mostly due to its food. But the sightseeing is pretty nice too, Galata tower provides some of the best views of the city but nearby lanes are great for people watching (we had tea next to where this shot was taken). Other off-beat sightseeing favourites for me were the Sulemaniye mosque, Aga Hamami and the Basilica Cistern. The top food recommendation would have to be the [Cag Kebab](https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g293974-d2288800-Reviews-Sehzade_Erzurum_Cag_Kebabi-Istanbul.html).

    1. As I walked up to the tower I thought, as I’m sure millions of others have, “oh I’m going to go find a better shot of this thing.” Haha.

      1. I think this everywhere but there’s some satisfaction in taking my own. I try to keep it to a minimum inside museums though, I rarely go back to them.

  2. Istanbul is an amazing city. The blue mosque and Hagia Sophia are still the. Most impressive buildings I’ve ever visited

    1. Absolutely, they cannot be missed! The history & artwork of Hagia Sophia as a cathedral and mosque is so fascinating.

  3. I have been to Istanbul several times and never get tired of visiting. There is always something new to discover there. My favorite little cafe is located not far from here, The Marmelat Cafe. I wish I were in Istanbul right now having a great Turkish breakfast and planning the day’s adventure.

    1. One of my regrets was to not have a proper Turkish breakfast, we were leaving early each day but purely for sightseeing so we could get back to our flat to see out the afternoon heat. It is high on my agenda for a return visit. That being said, we used to get 1TL Simit from a local street vendor and eating that and some fruits made for a fulfilling breakfast ☺

      Any tips for return visitors on what to see past the top attractions?

  4. This brings back amazing memories! I loved Galata’s views of the Bosphorus especially at night. I’d spend hours thee taking pictures and just watching the lighted city from afar. I did NOT love the evening performances up at the tower, because there’s a singing pianist dude there that likes to pressure guests into getting onstage. Not cool for introverted me.

    1. The view at night must’ve been awesome. I’m in the same boat about “song & dance encouragement performances” but naturally tend to not be in such a position.

  5. Nice! I’m heading to Istanbul for the first time next weekend. Any recommendations of places to visit/eat/drink whilst I’m there would be amazing. Great photo.

    1. ..and avoid the restaurants in the immediate vicinity of Hagia Sophia. Even when walking through the area and seeing menus, we saw kebabs 1.5 times the price of what we’d paid for elsewhere. Plus the salesmen were needlessly aggressive. Sirkeci is a walk away and has many awesome places to eat at.

    2. Thanks for the appreciation! I have written 2 trip reports, [one for food](https://beyondourhorizons.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/eating-our-way-through-istanbul-turkey-affordably/) and [one for sightseeing](https://beyondourhorizons.wordpress.com/2017/09/03/istanbul-turkey-one-of-the-most-beautiful-cities-in-the-world/). I’ve given some sightseeing recommendations in a different comment. For food, all the kebabs, we had so many types, [this Guardian list](https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2011/sep/14/10-best-meat-restaurants-istanbul) actually turned out super-handy, Siirt Seref Buryan is a bus ride from the city but the food is unique and super-delicious.

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