We drove 2500 Kilometers to Vinci in Toscana. The city where Leonardo Da vinci was born.

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    1. We lived near Vinci and explored all the little towns and cities around it. after that I got dropped off at airport while the rest of the gang drove to Switzerland

  1. Quite a quaint little town, in a beautiful pastoral setting.

    Great Leonardo museum.

    I actually do Renaissance recreation, and have a picture of me in proper 15th Century clothing (that I researched and sewed) standing at the house where Leonardo was born…

    1. I was not impressed with the Leonardo museum. Yes, the recreations of his inventions were terrific. A bunch of talented people spent a lot of time making those exhibits. What bothered me was the paucity of actual Leonardo things. Florence and Rome got all the good stuff and his home town got a building full of modern recreations. Not cool, Italy. Throw the people of Vinci some actual Leonardo stuff!

    1. It was kinda fun being there because you have a feeling that you have been there because of Assassins Creed series.

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