We found Collioure to be one of the most colourful places in France. Bonus: A cute hilltop windmill

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  1. We visited Collioure as a daytrip from our Pyrenees-Orientales (PO) base of Perpignan. The whole region has many fortifications (won’t be surprised if it had more castles than Scotland) and Collioure has a big fort facing the sea just behind where this shot was taken It was also the most crowded of all the PO places we visited by far (everywhere else had smaller than deserved number of tourists) but an easy way to beat the crowds is to walk down the beach where the couple are walking and at the end of the sand, there is a cafe with the most perfect view ([a pic from that spot](https://www.instagram.com/p/BUWfFUNFUQK)).

    The town is famous for its anchovies, wine and its colourful lanes. Cannot recommend visiting the PO region enough, they encourage public transport travel by setting their fare to 1 EUR for fairly long-distance buses (and even on a regional train, probably the cheapest ticket in Western Europe). Some more details [in this post](https://beyondourhorizons.wordpress.com/2017/05/20/top-things-to-do-in-perpignan-france-gateway-to-a-stunning-part-of-the-world/)

    1. I am a bit conflicted, the PO region food is very interesting because it has both French and Catalan influences. I personally don’t think it is as good as classic French food which I love for its complexity. That being said, you can get access to classic French food (Le Jardin in Ceret), good Moroccan food (L’Arganier in Perpignan) and Catalan classics (fideua on the Banyuls beach) if you look for them. In Collioure, we just snacked on some cheese and sipped the local wine.

    1. Wow it is a sweltering 23C with clear skies right now. Now I wish I was here as well 😉 This pic was taken early May.

  2. The two people laying down bottom left kinda look like a giant sea crab waiting in ambush behind the wall…

    1. Every time I post a pic here, I get a comment describing something I hadn’t previously noticed with the pic. Good spot sir, they do form something looking like a giant sea crab 🙂

    1. Looks like a sweet holiday montage, you actually walked up to the windmill pictured? Amazing views to Collioure from wherever you were eating the pizza. Also, if I may ask, where were the limestone caves?

      1. To the windmill and much further. Some shots are germany and barcelona, but the caves are by a walled city called villefranch de conflent. We got abandoned up there in the mountain town when the buses were on strike. France..

        1. Oh I see, we visited Villefrance de Conflent as well to walk about the walled village, so beautiful. Really wanted to visit Abbaye Saint-Martin-du-Canigou but couldn’t, we’ll have to make another trip.

  3. My wife and I were in Collioure years ago, and absolutely loved it. The wine, the sea, the anchovies, the olives, and the gorgeous scenery all make it a fantastic place to spend a few hours. After walking around and then enjoying some very nice wine by the shore, we were not surprised at all that it has been the inspiration for a number of excellent painters – many from the [Fauvist](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fauvism) school.

  4. I was here this April due to a tip from a friend in Barcelona. It was amazing. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people, dancing in the town square, and really amazing food. The town itself is a Wes Anderson movie! I’m simply in love with this place and think about it often. Matisse was inspired there and I can understand why.

    1. It is a lovely place indeed. We might have enjoyed the neighbouring Banyuls-sur-Mer just a touch more only because of the lack of crowds (and better local wine). The whole coast is quite stunning.

  5. I’m hoping to come here as a day trip from Barcelona! Wondering if anyone has experience doing it? From my research it seems like its about a 2.5 hour train journey or a 2 hour car ride.

    1. Looked into the high speed train timetable and there’s literally only 4 trains a day from Sants to Perpignan plus the connection is quite tight (4 minutes for the 1st possible connection). Not sure if you can buy TER (regional French) tickets online (or a Barcelona – Collioure ticket taking into account the transfer).

      I’d recommend either driving up or doing a different daytrip near Barcelona. Have been to Sitges (coastal town) and Figueres (Dali museum) and liked both plus it keep transit time down to an hour-ish each way.

      1. Thanks for the response! I have heard of another connection that makes it somewhat easier than Perpignan (Cebere) that makes it a bit easier. I’m hoping to use blabla car though. Will play it by ear based on if I can rideshare at least the way there or the way back.

        1. If neither of these worked I could do Perpignan as a day trip instead, I think that is slightly easier. Coullioure seems more appealing though.

        2. The train through Cerbere is definitely better connecting but much slower (as its regional through Spain as well). Blablacar does sound like a smart approach.

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