Weissgerbergasse is a street lined with very colorful half-timber buildings in Nuremberg’s old town (Bavaria, Germany) [OC]

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    1. 20 buildings in the “Weißgerbergasse” survived the aerial attacks on Nürnberg, and were restored in the 70’s. Others were completely demolished.

    1. Dude they check for memorabilia like monthly, and no more nazis live there just douche old people and hip youngsters.

    2. It’s beautiful… So modern, so simplistic and yet so full of history

      I was lucky enough to live in one for a short while… Digital cameras weren’t invented yet, so unfortunately, I have nothing to show

      1. Are they replicas or original? I know a large portion of Nuremburg was destroyed and retrofitted/rebuilt but you would hardly know walking through the city.

        Edit: just read through the comments and this has been answered these are likely originals hat survived! Yay!

        1. Honestly, as a clueless Canadian living in such a historical place… I wouldn’t be able to tell you the authenticity of my old place… Plus, Google wasn’t around back then..So I couldn’t even research about it

  1. I live about 45 minutes or so from here, love Nürnberg. My wife is from here as well. The whole Altstadt is great. This area is particularly beautiful.

      1. Great time of year to go! The Hauptmarkt area really has so much to offer during the summer. There’s always something going on, but the warmer months really brings it all out.

    1. This is amazing. I’m traveling to Germany in 2 weeks and I LOVE ice-cream. Bookmarked. Thank you for the tip.

    1. Infill, consuming the spaces between the timber frames. It is usually stone, brick, or wattle and daub (smaller sticks and mud).

    1. This is what most german cities looked like before the allies bombed them to ruble.

      But that’s war I guess.

  2. From nearly where this picture was taken there is a coffee shop that makes the most delicious espresso… strong but not bitter

  3. I’m in bamberg right now! I’m visiting from the US and I can see why my Gf’s cousin loves it here so much.

  4. Uhhh this is a bit of a misrepresentation of Weißgerbergasse. They conveniently cut off the ground floors of all buildings in this photo, which are full of bars, restaurants and clubs. As a matter of fact, it’s one of Nürnberg’s major night life locations. *No one* goes there for the timber frame buildings. But, if you’re in Nürnberg, do go and have a look, it is a worthwhile location for sure.

    Here’s a much better photo: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/eb/Wei%C3%9Fgerbergasse.JPG

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