Went to Munich for Oktoberfest, took a short trip south to Herzogstand

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    1. If you can, go to the fest on a weekday vs the weekend. We were there tonight (Tuesday) and barely got a table. I can’t imagine what it’s like on fri-sun. Be friendly to employees, bring tons of cash and make friends with the people around you.
      Most importantly have a blast! I was honestly a bit nervous knowing how crazy it would be but it ended up being an amazing experience 🙂

      1. Thank you very much. I’m going from Chile and I’ll be there for just 3 days. How early do you have to arrive to get a table and how much did you spend?

        1. Wow, that’s awesome! We went today at 16:00(4pm) and found a table by asking some of the employees of one of the beer tents. I suggest just being friendly, asking someone who works at one of the beer tents if there is any room to sit. We were sat in a “reserved” table but it ended up not being a problem as other travelers were soon sat next to us at the same table. Each big beer (1 liter) is around 10-12 euros. Over the span of 4 hours, I had 3 beers, so I think I spent around 40 euros including tips!

        2. If you have a large group I would go by 11 or 12 depending if you care which tent you go to. If it’s up to 4 of you you should be fine going sometime before 4. Hof Brau, Augustiner and Hacker Pschorr will fill up first. Also some tents have random events on random days and they may fill up earthier than expected.

    2. Get good rest the night before.

      Eat a good meal before, if you think you’ll drink a lot.

      Pace yourself.

      It’s fine to join a table full of strangers.

      Eat the food there, it’s delicious.

      Enjoy it.

    3. Depending on the tent it really starts turning up at around 4-5 PM during the week. If you get there’re by 2 or 3 you shouldn’t have an issue finding a place to sit as long as you’re in a small group

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